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LaTeX problems

This page contains a list of problems that I had with LaTeX in the process of writing my thesis. If you have answers to any of the unanswered ones please email me!

Non-fixed width flowing column in the tabular environment

What I want to do is something like

and have the third column fill the rest of the available width with text flowing within it. But I can't trivially do this with the tabular environment AFAICT...

Update -- Nathan says that the answer to this one is tabularX. I haven't got round to looking at it yet...

Footnotes in tables

A bit of playing with google gave me the answer to this one -- you use \footnotemark and \footnotetext{}. If you're lucky LaTeX will then put the table underneath your footnote. Saying "\begin{table}[h]" helped (i.e. it moved the table, and also moved another table onto the page, which it then put underneath the footnote. Clever LaTeX. It's called a FOOTnote because it goes at the FOOT of the page, you know...

Small fractions

You need the extra pair of braces to limit the scope of the \textstyle command.

eps images with their tops aligned

\caption{OMG WTF?}

Sideways tables over multiple pages

 \tablecaption{Cross-identification and photometry of all stellar sources}
 \tablehead{\hline\hline Blah & blah & blah & \\\hline}

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